Friday, October 06, 2006

Awareness Week Schedule Changes


Thanks to everyone who came to Judy Shepard's presentation this Tuesday. It was a huge success, and I have no doubt that everyone took something away from the experience. If you have any suggestions for speakers that you would like to see next semester or next year, please feel free to offer your suggestions.

We've got a lot planned for the next month or two--so much, in fact, that some changes in our schedule are due. First, despite what previous e-mails and the handout on Tuesday have said, GLBTQIA Awareness Week will NOT be the week of October 16th--we're moving it back a week due to Fall Break and other issues. Here's the revised, hopefully final, schedule:

  1. Next Week: No formal event planned, but feel free to drop in on our Open Exec Meeting, which will be from 6:30-8PM in the lower-level seminar room of Eliot House on Tuesday. We're going to try to make exec meetings more accessible so that we can hear what YOU want to do!
  2. Tuesday, October 17th: Safe Zones Open Ally Workshop, 7PM, Women's Building 300.
  3. Wednesday, October 18th: Project Runway Finale Party, 9PM, Park/Mudd TV Lounge
  4. October 23-28th: Awareness Week!

I'll send out the Awareness Week schedule once we have everything settled. One of the events will be about lesbian and bisexual women in the media and another will hopefully be a discussion about the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality. If anyone wants to help plan for either of those two events, we'll be meeting about them separately some time next week--just e-mail us and I'll set up a time. Also, if you know of any faculty members here at WU who might be able to share their expertise on either topic, please send us their contact information. We want to make Awareness Week as interactive as possible, so whatever help you can offer will make the week even better!

Sorry for all of the changes, but--I assure you--they are for the best. Have a great weekend and enjoy WILD!


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