Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Asexuality program & other Sex Week events!

Thanks to everyone who came to the drag show; we raised over $400 for the LGBT Community Center of St. Louis-- thank you for helping make it such a success!

Here are the exciting events we have coming up next week, read on for full descriptions:
1) Asexuality-- Not Just for Amoebas Anymore!
2) Safe Zones Open Ally Workshop
3) Kinky Kouture: Fetish Fashion Show

And other events of interest:
4) You, Sex, & the Law
5) Blowjobs, A Discussion

1) Asexuality-- Not Just for Amoebas Anymore!
Mon. 2/12, 8-9:30 pm, Ursa's Fireside Lounge

David Jay, founder of Asexuality Visibility Education Network (AVEN, see, and Shelley Protte, a St. Louis local, will
speak about being asexual and asexuality. Come debunk myths and learn
about asexual experiences. (Co-sponsored by Pride Alliance, ALA, and Sex Week)

2) Safe Zones Open Ally Workshop
Tues 2/13, 7:30-10:30 pm, Barry Room (upstairs Wohl)

Learn what all the letters in "GLBTQIA" mean! This interactive workshop will offer the opportunity to ask questions, learn about various identities, and go over ways to be an effective ally-- plus, you earn a free "Safe Zone" placard for your door! (Co-sponsored by Safe Zones and Pride Alliance)

3)Kinky Kouture: Fetish Fashion Show
Fri 2/16, The Gargoyle, 7-10:30 pm (entertainment)

Come see some of your fellow students modeling this season's best Kinky Kouture! Wear your own fetish fashions or buy some new ones from vendors and compete in clothing contests. Students get a free raffle ticket upon entrance (drawings every half hour-- must be present to win). Attendees also receive special raffle tickets from vendors for every $10 spent. Vendors open for business at 4pm; entertainment, including DJ, pole acrobats ( Gravity Plays Favorites, as seen performing with The Dresden Dolls), and Siren, the lovely emcee from the drag show, will be 7-10:30 pm in the Gargoyle. (Co-sponsored by ALA and Pride Alliance)

Other events you may be interested in (see for more):

4) You, Sex, & the Law
Thurs, 2/15 7-9pm, Ursa's Fireside Lounge

This event will go through 14 scenarios dealing with marital sex, marital rape and assault, workplace relationships, economic sex, survival sex, rape, bondage, consent issues, gay sex, youth sex, intergenerational sex, mental capacity, and disease. Each of the scenarios will be approached with the questions "Is it consensual?" "Is it legal?" and "Is it moral?" Panelists include Sergeant Mark Glenn of WUPD, Poli Rijos of Student Health Services, and Larry M., lawyer and educator with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom as well as a founding member of St. Louis Leather & Lace. (Sponsored by ALA)

5) Blowjobs, A Discussion
Sat, 2/17, 2-3 pm, Friedman Lounge in Wohl

A presentation and discussion with author Jack Rinella about "the anatomy, psychology, and methodology of cock sucking and how to arouse and satisfy your male partner." Open to all types of genders and sexual orientations. (Sponsored by ALA)