Monday, August 15, 2005

Sexual Orientation 2005

Sunday. 10 PM. Danforth Classroom. Free ice cream. Need I say more?


Come join Spectrum Alliance for "Sexual Orientation 2005," WashU's only GLBTQA orientation event. It will be low-key, fun, and informative. Meet other incoming students (transfers welcome!) and various GLBTQA leaders on campus while enjoying rootbeer floats and other snacks. Also, we plan to introduce our proposal for Pride Alliance, the new group that will result from the fusion of Spectrum and OutRight. We hope all incoming students can join us!

FYI: the Danforth Classroom is located on the first floor of Danforth House, which is on the South 40. It will be easy to find, but discreet. Remember: your confidentiality is important to us.

NOTE: You may or may not be aware of the fact that the second showing of "The Date"--another orientation program--is scheduled right before Sexual Orientation 2005. There are discussion sessions afterwards, so the times may overlap. We have taken this into consideration and fully expect many students to come late. Don't be afraid to stop by whenever you get the chance on Sunday--we'll be waiting for you!