Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day of Silence & FREE BBQ!

Hey everyone--

Hope you all enjoyed Gayla this past weekend! Thank you for coming and
makin' it great! (And thank you to this year's awesome Gayla

This next week is our last week of programming for the semester, but
we've got a lot going on, so check it out. We'll have lots of free
food this week, plus rainbow ribbons and buttons we'll be giving out!

In this email you'll find info on:
1) Pride Open House: Meet LGBT Staffperson Candidates! (Tues 4/17)
2) Day of Silence: Breaking the Silence (Wed 4/18)
3) glbtqiaBBQ (Fri 4/20)

1) Pride Open House: Tues 4/17, 3 pm, Women's Building Room 300

Wash U is currently in the midst of interviewing candidates for the
newly-created Cordinator for LGBT Student Involvement & Leadership
position (http://restech.wustl.edu/~osa/jobs/lgbt.html). Come to an
open house, hosted by Pride Alliance, meet one of the candidates, and
grab some free food and gear (buttons, ribbons, and the like.) All are
welcome and encouraged to come by!

2) Day of Silence & "Breaking the Silence": Wed 4/18
Mudd Multipurpose Room (on the South 40), 8 pm, FREE PIZZA DINNER!

The National Day of Silence (http://www.dayofsilence.org) is a day in
which people of all sexual orientations and gender identities who
support GLBTQIA rights take a vow of silence to recognize and protest
the silence that many GLBTQIA people face each day. Every year we hope
that the silence, discrimination, and violence directed at GLBTQIA
people will end.

Join PROF. SUSAN STIRITZ of Women's and Gender Studies, and Student
Union President-Elect NEIL PATEL that evening for our "Breaking the
Silence" discussion, Q & A, and FREE pizza dinner.

TO PARTICIPATE: take a vow of silence and/or wear black with a rainbow
ribbon or button-- we'll be handing out free rainbow ribbons and
buttons, as well as "Why I Am Silent Today" cards in Mallinkrodt
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 11-1.
(Co-sponsored with Outlook and Safe Zones)

3) glbtqiaBBQ: Fri 4/20
11 am - 2 pm, Bowle's Plaza (outside Mallinkrodt); Rain locaton: McMillan Cafe

Join Pride for the annual glbtqiaBBQ as part of Celebrations Weekend!
We'll have tons of FREE delicious BBQ! Hang out with some of the
prospective students or just grab some free grub and go-- it's up to
you! Either way, come by for an awesome, free lunch-- beats the lines
at lower Mallinkrodt any day!
(Co-sponsored with the Office of Admissions)

...That's all, folks! Have a good rest of the semester and good luck
on final exams!