Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gay and Israeli?

What's it like to be gay and Israeli? Come join Pride Alliance, Keshet, and WSI (Wash U Solidarity for Israel) in a conversation about the differences between being GLBT in America and Israel @ 8PM Monday, Sept. 26th in Ursa's Fireside. Clips from Trembling Before G_d and Yossi and Jagger will be shown to entice each and every one of you to come and be cool with us (and to facilitate conversation, but that's secondary, of course).

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Got Pride?

And the year has officially begun! We wrote the constitution, you guys approved it, and now we are waiting for final administrative approval on the new Pride Alliance. Here are some upcoming events:

Come to Women’s Building Suite 300 on Tuesday September 20th @ 8PM to engage in discussion and activism centering on GLBT parenting issues. We are participating in a letter-writing campaign with PROMO (Personal Rights of Missourians) to defeat a bill in the Missouri congress that attacks GLBT parents. Representatives from PROMO and C.O.L.A.G.E (Children of Gays and Lesbians Everywhere) will be present if you have questions. Following the brief discussion we will be showing “The Birdcage” and having a jolly time.
On Thursday September 22nd @ 7PM the HRC, PROMO, and ACLU are hosting “Save the Date: LGBT Parenting Town Hall” at the Washington University School of Law, Room 204. We strongly encourage students to attend—let your voice be heard!

“Take Me Out” with the HRC on September 29th @ 7PM. Meet us at the Clock tower on the S40 on the 29th and come see the 2003 Tony Award Winner for Best Play with us! The HRC is subsidizing tickets, so we need to get them fast. If interested in seeing this provocative play about being gay in the big leagues, respond to this e-mail before the end of next week! We need to get a head count right away. Tickets are $35, which is an amazing deal for a Broadway play. We hope you can join us! (For more info about the play, visit www.repstl.org/offramp/or1/index.shtml ).

Awareness Week 2005 is Oct. 10-14th. Some big stuff is going to happen!