Monday, November 07, 2005

Quick Update

Jewish SafeZones Workshop @ 7PM in the Danforth Seminar Room on Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Everyone is welcome! Come learn about how Judaism and GLBTQIA mix. If you have any questions, contact Stacy with SafeZones at

Gayla Committee Meeting @ 7:30PM in Women's Building Suite 300 on Wednesday, Nov. 8th. If you haven't signed up for the committee, but still want to get involved, just stop by! We have about 10 people already on board, but more are certainly welcome.

Transgender Awareness Week, Nov. 14th-18th. We have four events planned for the week, including a panel discussion, the Transgender Day of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil, a showing of Southern Comfort , and--of course--our speaker of the semester, Trans photographer Loren Cameron on Friday, Nov. 18th. Once specifics are set in stone I will send out a seperate e-mail. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these projects, respond to this e-mail.

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